Is Full Colour right for you? Let’s find out…

Full Colour are leadership specialists who put diversity and inclusion at the heart of all we do. We help you to develop strong, energised, effective leaders who understand that diversity and inclusion is central to building high-functioning teams and delivering business success.

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Is Full Colour the right fit for you?

Full Colour is for you if:

• You see the link between diversity, inclusion and addressing your business challenges, e.g. finding and holding onto the best people
• You’ve already started your journey but want deeper, long-lasting change on diversity and inclusion
• You want to work with people with lived experience of leading complex organisations
• You crave practical tools and approaches that work in the real world,  feel safe and make learning fun

How we work

Trust is important to us. If we work with you, everything about our relationship remains confidential unless you decide you want to share your experiences and success stories. Though we believe you will be so proud of what you accomplish, you’ll want to shout about it.

We ground our work in your company’s real-world leadership issues and connect diversity and inclusion to achieving your business goals.

Every company is at a different stage of the journey towards achieving diverse and inclusive leadership. We start with where you are now and help you identify where you want to get to in ways that make sense for your context and your company. We plot a course to get you to your goals and take your hand as you travel that road.

What will you gain from the Full Colour Programme?

“Srabani’s thoughts and reflections developed our active group discussions in ways which were very powerful. It genuinely made me think differently. As a facilitator, she was ‘inclusive’ in all aspects.”
Senior Corporate Leader

Delegate on Inclusive Leadership Programme, 2018

The Full Colour Programme will:
  • Give your existing leaders clear, practical tools to lead inclusively and help them plan how they will drive change in your company
  • Help future proof your talent development pipeline, expanding it with passionate emerging Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) leaders who are committed to your company and driven to succeed
Full Colour will work with you to develop:
  • Clarity on what’s holding you back from developing diverse and inclusive leadership, so you can work out how to overcome the obstacles
  • Clear ways of measuring your progress towards racially diverse leadership and how this is improving your company’s performance
  • Existing leaders who are committed to and know how to drive inclusion in your company
  • Cohorts of emerging leaders from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome unconscious bias with grace, excel at what they do and be ready for their journey to the C-suite

Mission, vision and values

Full Colour’s vision is of a world where leaders are as full of colour as the world around them.

Full Colour’s mission is to propel organisations to success by unlocking the power of difference

We believe the journey towards diversity and inclusion must always feel safe, practical, positive and fun.

At Full Colour, we want your company to flourish. Let’s work together to use diversity and inclusion to drive your company’s success.


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