Is Full Colour right for you? Let’s find out…

Full Colour are leadership specialists who put equity, diversity and inclusion at the heart of all we do. We help you find out what’s stopping you from becoming more equitable, diverse and inclusive and plan a journey of change to create the organisation you want to be. We help you to develop strong, energised, effective leaders who understand that equity, diversity and inclusion is central to building high-functioning teams and delivering business success.

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Is Full Colour the right fit for you?

Full Colour is for you if:

• You see the link between equity, diversity and inclusion and addressing your business challenges, e.g. finding and holding onto the best people
• You’ve already started your journey but want deeper, long-lasting change on equity, diversity and inclusion
• You want to work with people with lived experience of leading complex organisations
• You crave practical tools and approaches that work in the real world,  feel safe and make learning fun

How we work

Bespoke: Every organisation is different in what they do, their context, strategic challenges and where they are on equity, diversity and inclusion. That’s why everything we do is tailored to you.

Practical and pragmatic: We devise practical solutions and test our recommendations with you to make sure they are implementable and realistic.

Driven by your mission: We work to understand and articulate the connections between your core mission and equity, diversity and inclusion, so that EDI becomes central to who you are, why you exist and how you work.

Psychologically safe: Organisations and individuals often experience a range of emotions when working on equity, diversity and inclusion. We actively plan how to make the work feel psychologically safe for everyone and are overtly non-judgemental.

You are the experts on you: While Full Colour are EDI and leadership experts, you know your organisation better than we ever will. Bringing together your expertise and ours is essential to drive change.

What you will gain from working with Full Colour



  • On what’s helping you on your equity, diversity and inclusion journey and what’s holding you back
  • On what a realistic journey of change looks like for you
  • On what practical actions to take


  • For your leaders in their ability to drive change
  • For your staff that change will happen


  • So your leaders have the skills and knowledge to lead the journey of change on equity, diversity and inclusion

Mission, vision and values

Full Colour’s vision is of a world where leaders are as full of colour as the world around them.

Full Colour’s mission is to propel organisations to success by unlocking the power of difference

We believe the journey towards equity, diversity and inclusion must always feel safe, practical, positive and fun.