Full Colour coaching
helps you bring
excellence to your
work and your life

What Full Colour coaching can do for you

Full Colour CEO and founder Srabani Sen OBE offers coaching to a select number of leaders and entrepreneurs. She combines real world experience of leadership with qualifications in coaching that offer powerful results to her coaching clients.

Srabani’s coaching will help you with any number of leadership challenges you face.

To find out more, contact srabani.sen@fullclr.com



Develop resilience


Lead your company or team through challenging times


Manage change


Find solutions to the business challenges you face


Manage difficult relationships at work


Manage emotions at work

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Srabani over the past 6 months. I immediately felt safe and able to discuss a wide range of issues. Srabani’s approach is empowering and progressive and I have discovered a lot about myself and others around me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Srabani to anyone looking for a coach who can help guide you through any stage in your career.”

Simon Hewitt-Avison

Assistant Director of Service Delivery