Transform your company with our Full Colour services

How we can support you?

Driving organisational change

Help you work out which way is up
Many organisations don’t know where to start when it comes to EDI. Let us help you work out the best place to focus your efforts, whether you are just starting your journey or are already making progress.

Establish the now
We can work with you to establish where you are on your equity, diversity and inclusion journey including what’s helping and hindering your progress. We look at the tangible things, e.g. your EDI plans, budgeting, expertise etc as well as intangible things e.g. the emotions at play around EDI.

Plan your journey of change
We will work with you to map the sequence of achievements you need to achieve to become more equitable, diverse and inclusive to help you identify the most impactful actions to take.

Supporting your leaders

Develop your existing executive leadership
We offer leadership development programmes which equip your leaders and managers to adopt genuinely inclusive ways of leading, and to drive EDI through their organisations. And we do this in ways that feel energising and psychologically safe.

Develop your Board
We offer bespoke advice and guidance to Boards to equip them to play their role in driving change on EDI.

Develop your emerging leaders
We offer specific programmes to build the confidence and capabilities of emerging leaders from minoritized backgrounds to step into leadership rolls.

Thought partnership
We offer one to one support for existing leaders who are driving change on EDI. We work together to brainstorm ideas, build their resilience and provide a safe, confidential space to explore issues and challenges they are facing in creating more equitable, diverse and inclusive organisations.